DeWitt County Producers

The Best Kept Secret in Cuero, TX

 We are committed to reflecting the positive attitudes and qualities of life that are embodied in agriculture and rural living. 

Proudly Serving Farmers and Ranches in South Texas

Providing Quality Animal Feed and Supply Since 1948

The story of the DeWitt County Producers Association is a heartwarming example of what can be achieved when farmers and ranchers come together. Nine brave, bold men took on this endeavor back in 1948 – J.S McCurdy, S.C Parker, Emil Wild and more! 

After an exhaustive search for their own space to call home they found refuge at a feed store which became the birthplace from where their local co-op could flourish; supplying farm supplies while also providing farmers with access to wholesale markets – something these determined founders had dreamed about so long ago!

As of today, The DeWitt County Coop remains a fixture of the agriculture community here. A 14,000-square-foot building was erected in 1989, at 401 W. Church Street. It includes offices, a display and sales area, a storage area, and a board room.

Our 75 Years in Cuero

Products Range

We offer a variety of services, including custom feed mixing and delivery, as well as a range of agricultural supplies.

Quality Matters

To better serve our members, we offer custom application of seed, fertilizer and herbicides, and rental equipment.

Customer Satisfaction

Since 1948, DeWitt County Producers Coop has been supplying Agricultural Supplies, Farming Supplies, and Bulk Feed to DeWitt & surrounding counties.


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