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Quality Agricultural Supplies, Farming Supplies & Bulk Feed

Dewitt County Producers Coop, a cooperative owned by its members, has been proudly providing Agricultural Supplies, Farming Supplies, and Bulk Feed to Nursery and the surrounding areas since 1948.

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We Deliver to Nursery, TX

We’re excited offer delivery services! Recognizing the difficulties that farmers often encounter in moving supplies, we’re committed to providing stress-free delivery solutions. Our devoted team is focused on delivering exceptional service, striving to quickly and effectively transport your essential supplies directly to where you need them. Discover the ease of using our delivery service and allow us to lighten your load, enhancing your farming experience by making it more convenient and efficient than ever.

Hunting Supplies

Dewitt County Producers presents an extensive selection of hunting essentials, aimed at equipping hunters for a fruitful outing. Our inventory includes premium ammunition, superior hunting attire, and vital outdoor gear. Catering to both experienced and beginner hunters, Dewitt Produce Co offers first-rate items designed to elevate the hunting adventure.

Fertilizers and Herbicides

We offer tailored application services for fertilizers and herbicides, available for a charge. Our expert team collaborates closely with you to create a bespoke strategy for your crops, guaranteeing optimal outcomes tailored to your specific requirements. Utilizing advanced technologies and methods, we ensure that your crops receive the finest attention and safeguarding.


Dewitt County Producers offers an extensive array of fencing options suitable for various property types. Whether it’s for a farm, ranch, or a home, their dedicated team is committed to assisting you in selecting the ideal fencing solution. They specialize in everything from practical livestock fencing to aesthetically pleasing designs, ensuring that you receive the perfect fencing tailored to your unique needs with their knowledge and comprehensive selection.

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Why wait for orders from distant suppliers? We have a wide array of farm, ranch, and feed supplies ready for immediate purchase or delivery.

We Offer The Largest Product Range Around

Bulk Animal Feed

Dewitt County Producers provides a range of bulk animal feed, with options for custom mixing to suit specific needs. They also offer bulk feed delivery services to a wide area locally.

Bagged Animal Feed

Dewitt County Producers carries an extensive selection of bagged foods to meet all your requirements, sourced from many of the leading food manufacturers.

Dry Fertilizer

Dewitt County Producers' dry fertilizer is crafted with premium agricultural-grade nutrients, ensuring top-quality, fertile soil and abundant yields.

Liquid Fertilizer

Dewitt County Producers' liquid fertilizer is an ideal remedy for depleted soil. This superior-quality blend delivers essential nutrients that foster plant vitality, improving both the growth and yield of your crops.


Dewitt County Producers' unique formula is crafted to selectively eliminate unwanted weeds and grasses, while carefully preserving the surrounding ecosystem.


Dewitt County Producers' premium insecticides offer effective protection to safeguard your garden, enhancing your yields and ensuring high-quality outcomes.

Trusted Since 1948

Dewitt County Producers

A member-owned cooperative that has been proudly supplying Agricultural Supplies, Farming Supplies & Bulk Feed to DeWitt & surrounding counties since 1948.

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