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DeWitt County Producers Coop, a member-driven cooperative, has been dedicated to providing Agricultural Supplies, Farming Supplies, and Bulk Feed to Shiner and its surrounding areas with pride since 1948.

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We Deliver to Shiner, TX

For a modest fee, we extend the service of direct delivery to your home or ranch. Understanding the necessity of quick supply access, we take pride in offering this indispensable service. Our devoted team is centered on excellence, ensuring that your supplies arrive promptly and with great attention to detail.

Customized Feed Solutions

We acknowledge the crucial role of customized nutrition in animal care. Our specially formulated feed mixing and bulk feeds in Shiner are created with high-quality ingredients to promote the best growth and health for your livestock.

Innovative Crop Care for Farms and Gardens

Our custom applications of fertilizers and herbicides are crafted to suit the soil and climate of South Texas. Talk with our expert team to develop a personalized plan that nurtures your crops and maximizes yield.

Comprehensive Animal Health Supplies

Offering everything from veterinary supplies to pet feeding accessories, we have a carefully chosen selection to suit animal owners of all kinds. Whether a rancher or a pet lover, you’ll find everything necessary to keep your animals healthy and vibrant.

Get the Supplies You Need Today

Why wait for orders from distant suppliers? We have a wide array of farm, ranch, and feed supplies ready for immediate purchase or delivery.

We Offer The Largest Product Range Around


Our herbicide selectively targets unwanted growth, preserving the environment without adverse effects.


Enhance garden safety and crop yield with our powerful insecticides, ensuring quality results.

Dry Fertilizer

Nutrient-enriched dry fertilizer for fertile soil and abundant, thriving harvests.

Liquid Fertilizer

Reenergize exhausted soil with our nutrient-infused liquid fertilizer, enhancing plant vitality and crop productivity.

Bulk Animal Feed

Custom-mixed bulk animal feed with convenient local delivery to suit specific requirements.

Bagged Animal Feed

Wide-ranging selection of bagged animal foods, catering to all needs, from top industry suppliers.

Trusted Since 1948

Dewitt County Producers

A member-owned cooperative that has been proudly supplying Agricultural Supplies, Farming Supplies & Bulk Feed to Shiner, Texas & surrounding counties since 1948.

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