April 2024 Newsletter

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April 2024 Newsletter

In Our Store

Spring has sprung! You can tell this by the number of things blooming and growing. It is time to get busy! We have some great items and information to get you in the mood. 

  • If you are worried about the sun beating on your face, we have a new supply of COOP caps. We have them available for men and women. Stop in and buy you one!
  • We are making room for new products in the store. To do this, we must get rid of the things that do not sell. We will have a table set up in the store to display these items. The items will include sockets, box-end wrenches, tools, gloves and many more items. When they are gone, they are gone!
  • We are in the time of year where flat tires are bound to happen. To help with this inconvenience, look at getting tire sealer in your implement tires. This month iSealTires Tire Sealer will be $38.00/Gallon. 
  • If you are feeling energetic, we have a good supply of 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner in stock. This product is great for cleaning the outside of your house, driveways, decks, and patios. We have two options available Gallon Concentrate $12.25/Each, ½ Gallon Ready to Use Hose End $12.95/Each
  • Through generous donations from members and others in the community, we were able to donate over $8,000.00 worth of items to those affected by the Texas Panhandle Fires. We would like to thank those who donated. If you are still interested in donating, let us know. 
  • It is the time of year when most people are working their cattle. We wanted to help ease that pain a little. Here are some specials:
  • Cydectin 10L = $781.80 ($50.00/Bottle Discount)
  • Cydectin 5L = $411.95 ($30.00/Bottle Discount)
  • Cydectin 2.5L = $292.90 ($15.00/Bottle Discount)
  • Ultrabac 50 Dose = $26.40 ($4.00/Bottle Discount)

In the Yard

  • It will be that time soon that the mosquitoes will be in full force. Here are a few options that can help you keep them away:
    • Hose End Cutter Backyard Spray = $13.55/Each 
    • Hose End Mosquito Pro Spray = $17.30/Each 
    • Mosquito Dunks = $9.25/Each 
    • Cutter Yard Fogger = $8.00/Each 
    • Sportsman Repel = $7.70/Each 
    • Backwood Insect Repellant = $9.30/Each 
  • If you looking to keep away bugs in your yard, look at these options:
    • Diatomaceous Earth = $24.75/40LB Bag
    • Triazicide = $12.20/10LB Bag
    • Sevin Granules = $18.60/20LB Bag
    • Over and Out = $29.70/11.5LB Bag
    • Amdro Quick Kill Granules (Red Bag) = $11.05/10LB Bag
    • Amdro Fire Ant Bait (Black Bag) = $27.20/5LB Bag
    • Talstar Granules = $53.15/25LB Bag (Bifenthrin & Cypermethrin)

In the Pasture

Over the years Corteva has created and reformulated herbicides to be less volatile and more effective. Grazon PD3 is designed to have the following features below:

  • Low Use Rate (20oz/Acre)
  • Low Volatility
  • Low Odor
  • Proven Active ingredients (2-4-D Choline & Picloram)
  • Safe for Established Grasses
  • No grazing restrictions for general livestock

This month we will discount the PD3 Herbicide to $126.88/Jug ($5.00 Discount). In addition to this, all PD3 applied in the month of April will be at a discount. The normal chemical cost is $10.30 (20oz), and the discounted amount will be $9.95 (20oz). If we apply it with our truck, the price will be $18.78/Acre (Including Application and Surfactant) 

  • Current pricing on weed spray is below:
    • 16 oz Duracor = $23.87/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
    • 24 oz Grazon Next = $20.94/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
    • 1-quart Grazon P+D = $19.80/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
    • 1 quart 2-4-D = $15.33/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)

As the price of chemicals changes, so will these prices. Call and get on our list if you would like us to make the application for you. 

In the Animal Pen

  • All our cubes came off contract on March 31. This current pricing will remain until we start a new contract with Purina. 
  • This month we will discount some of our horse feeds. The Purina Strategy GX and Impact Professional Performance will both be discounted by $2.00/Bag. Stop in and give these feeds a try.
  • We are in the right conditions for Wind & Rain Hi-Mag Mineral. This mineral is typically fed when the grass is green and lush. If you have not tried this mineral, give it a shot. This month we will take off $3.00/Bag.
  • We started getting our Whole Milo from a new supplier. You will see this change with a few other grains that we sale in the store. 

What is Coming up in our Area?

Manager’s Words
What an active time it is. We are getting to everyone as soon as possible for fertilizer and weed spray. We appreciate everyone’s business and patience. 

Thank you for your business,

Willis Braden
[email protected]

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