July 2024 Newsletter

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July 2024 Newsletter

In Our Store

This newsletter is normally used to share products that can help you around your homes, yards, and pastures. I wanted to take the opportunity to share a few other informative and entertaining resources that you may enjoy.

  • “Let’s Grow Texas Ag” This new and unique program takes you on a journey and highlights farm and ranch stories of the South Texas Coastal Plains. DeWitt County’s very own Joe Adams hosts the program and will share some of the heritage and insightful stories that make us proud to be Texans. To find out viewing times, check on www.crossroadstoday.com or search “Lets Grow Texas Ag” on the internet.
  • Many of our customers ask about additional resources and information for assistance on farming and ranching programs. The DeWitt County FSA Office is a great resource for assistance programs. Some of these programs include Drought Programs, Native Grassland Preservation Programs, Crop Assistance Programs, and Youth Loans for FFA and 4H Projects. They send out a timely and informative monthly email that many of you would enjoy. If you are interested in getting on that list email Stephanie Riley [email protected].
  • Herbicide chemicals are a significant part of our business. We have great resources at our fingertips to answer questions, address application questions or share insights into new products and changes. Two of our larger suppliers Envu and Corteva have both developed guaranteed Huisache management programs designed to help you, the producer. Envu’s RangeView program tracks your acres sprayed and monitors its progress. They guarantee brush control when record keeping and a specially designed program is followed. Corteva’s Sustainable Huisache Control Program is similar in that it provides a specially designed program. This is a 5-year program which allows for a manageable rate of chemicals applied each year. There is a process for each of these and if you are interested in more details or information, please stop by the store and ask.

In the Yard

  • The wet weather has really brought out the bugs in our yards. Customers have come into the store sharing the increased number of grasshoppers, scorpions, crickets, and ants that have shown up. Here are a few options that we have available to help combat them.
    • Amdro Quick Kill RTU Quart Spray = $11.52/Each
    • Cyonara RTU Quart Spray = $21.95/Each
    • Spectracide RTU Quart Spray = $13.60/Each

In the Pasture

  • If you are looking to spray grasshoppers or army worms, consider these options for your pastures. Lamda CY (3 oz/Acre) is more of a contact kill and provides little residual. Vantacor (1oz/Acre) will provide a residual for future control.
  • The recent rain will set back the timing on the mesquite plants. If you need us to come and give you the green light to spray, let us know. We need to be looking for dark green leaves and an elongated bean of 7-10”. This is normally around July 4th. The chemical combination that we recommend the most is 28oz Sendero, 8oz Remedy, Surfactant $50.21/Acre (Includes Application).
  • The recent rain should also bring the opportunity for a good huisache spraying season. As mentioned above, we have a few programs to guarantee your application success. If you need someone to look at your brush for a best recommendation or want to get on our list, let us know.

In the Animal Pen

  • If the weather is too hot for textured feed, consider our Country Acres Hi Fat Horse Feed. This pelleted horse feed is good to have in your toolbox for working horses. This month, we will discount each bag by $2.00.
  • This month we are discounting our Purina Antlermax 20% Protein by $1.50/Bag. This is always a strong performing Deer Protein with many features and benefits. Make sure to take advantage of this great deal.
  • This month we are discounting our Purina Precon B-30 by $3.00/Bag. Now is a suitable time to put this in your toolbox if you are weaning heifers, show calves, or have cattle that need a good supplement to their current feed.
  • We have recently sourced our Racehorse Oats, Whole Milo, and Corn Chops from a new supplier. This helped us to provide a cheaper price to our customers and fresher supply. Stop in the store to get you some!

What is Coming up in our Area?

  • July 4, 2024 – 4th of July Celebration in the Park = Cuero City Park = Free Admission to the Pool and Splashpad from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM with fireworks starting at 9:00 PM.
  • July 4, 2024 – INDEPENDENCE DAY= We will be closed all day. We will reopen on Friday, July 5, 2024, at 7:30 AM.
  • July 12, 2024 – 9:00 PM – MOVIE NIGHT IN THE PARK = Cuero City Park Knoll= Movie The Little Mermaid.
  • July 15, 2024 – Reporting planting dates for Grasses for USDA Farm Service Agency. Reporting is due by this date to avoid penalties. It is also time to set up your new acreage for drought and disaster programs. For more information, contact Stephanie Riley 361-275-5751 EXT 2.
  • July 18, 2024 – 10:00 AM – Texas Zoo Presentation at the Clubhouse = Cuero City Clubhouse= They will have animals available to see and touch. Grab your kids and grandkids and stop by.
  • July 25, 2024 – 9:30 AM – Yoga in the Park = Cuero City Basketball Pavilion in the Park= Join Blackbird Yoga for a fun filled kid-friendly Yoga Session.
  • July 26, 2024 – 9:00 PM – MOVIE NIGHT IN THE PARK = Cuero City Park Knoll= Movie The Little Rascals.
  • July 26, 2024 – DeWitt Medical Foundation Dueling Pianos = The Venue on Church Street = 125 E Church St-Event starts at 7:00PM with a cash bar and food court available. For tickets or more information, visit www.cuerohospital.org
  • August 1, 2024 – FREE SPLASHPAD & POOL = Cuero City Park = Splashpad will be open from 10:00 AM -7:00 PM and the Pool from 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM.
  • August 3, 2024 – World Series of Cuero=The Venue on Church Street = 125 E Church St- Event starts at 11:30 AM with lunch. There is also a Shoppers Poker Run on August 3, 2024, to support local businesses and a Derby Days Casino Night on Friday, August 2, 2024. For more information, contact the Cuero Chamber of Commerce at 361-275-2112 or visit www.cuero.org.
  • August 9-10, 2024 – 8:00 PM = Lester Meier Rodeo = Cuero City Park. Tickets will be sold at the gate. For more information www.lmrodeo.com or call the county extension office at 361-275-0816.

Manager’s Words
Whew! We made it through half the year. It seems like this year is going by too fast. We have a lot of things moving and shaking around our business. Please let us know if we can provide advise or direction on your animals and property goals.

Thank you for your business,

Willis Braden
[email protected]

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