March 2024 Newsletter

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March 2024 Newsletter

In Our Store

  • If you need CEU Hours, The DeWitt County Soil & Water Conservation District will have their annual event on Tuesday, March 26, 2024. For more details check in the “What’s Coming Up in Our Area” section.
  • Our annual Purina Chick Days can be used to help your flock grow. We will have our Purina Chick Days Event from Monday, March 18, 2024, to Wednesday, March 20, 2024. During these days, we will give away feed and prizes. For the month of March, we will take $2.00/Bag off the Scratch Grains, Purina Layena Pellets, Purina Layena Crumbles, and Purina Start and Grow 50LB.

In the Yard

The trees have started to bloom, and things are beginning to come to life. While we still have some patches of cooler weather, it looks like Spring is well on its way. With this progression, here are a few things that can help you prepare for the long season ahead.

  • We will receive in our annual supply of mulches and compost this month. Once they arrive, we will discount Pine Bark Mulch to $4.78/3 CU FT Bag until that supply is gone.
  • We have our new supply of yard fertilizers in stock. Below are the options that we carry.
    • Easy Gro Premium 19-5-9 = $41.10/40LB Bag
    • Easy Gro Weed & Feed 15-0-10 = $20.25/15LB Bag
    • American Plant Food 21-7-14 = $30.70/40LB Bag
    • American Plant Food 15-5-10 = $18.95/40LB Bag
    • Bumper Crop 18-10-5 = $19.55/50LB Bag
    • Bumper Crop 13-13-13 = $21.10/50LB Bag
    • American Plant Food 21-0-0 = $19.20/50LB Bag
  • We are past the most effective time to apply preemergent herbicides. If you want to do something, look at targeting the weeds and grasses directly.
    • Grass Burrs = Image Quart (Green Label) = $27.25/QT
    • Broadleaf Weeds = 2-4-D Quart = $12.50/Qt
    • Broadleaf Weeds = Fertilome Weed Free Zone = $47.90/Qt
    • Broadleaf Weeds = Bonide Weed Beater = $24.55/Pt

In the Pasture

  • Current pricing on weed spray is below:       
  • 16 oz Duracor = $23.87/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
  • 20 oz Grazon PD3 = $19.13/Acre (Includes Application and Surfactant)
  • 24 oz Grazon Next = $20.94/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
  • 1-quart Grazon P+D = $19.80/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
  • 1 quart 2-4-D = $15.33/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)                                      

As the price of chemicals changes, so will these prices. Call and get on our list if you would like us to make the application for you.

  • While we still have some moisture, consider making an application of gopher bait. If you need the gopher bait, we have the 45LB Blue Bucket for $242.05/Each or 50LB Kaput for $129.80/Each. If you need an applicator, we have the handheld machines for $45.45/Each.
  • If you missed the application window for the pre-emergent herbicide for grass burrs, you still have an opportunity to attack them. The herbicide Pastora is designed to spray on an actively growing plants and should be applied before the plant gets over 3” in height. The cost for this application is $30.55/Acre.
  • We were able to get a little bit of Sorgum Almum $122.30/50LB Bag from our supplier. We also have some Sweet Graze III for $39.05/50LB Bag. Come and get them while they last

In the Animal Pen

  • This month we will discount all our Purina and Moorman’s Stock Show Feeds. We have a limited supply available and when they are gone, they are gone. We will not discount any of the supplements. Come and get them.
  • Purina Noble Goat Grower is a perfect feed if you have goats that you are raising for sale or leisure. This 16% protein feed is designed for optimal growth and development. This month, we will discount each bag by $3.00/Bag.
  • We have something for the horse lovers this month. Purina Impact 14% Textured Feed. This feed provides balanced nutrition with high quality protein to support muscle performance. This month we will discount each bag at $3.00/Bag.

In the Great Outdoors

  • This is a good opportunity to consider putting out spring seed blends for deer and birds. Here is what we can get: Pogue Seed Buck Buffet Spring Blend has a combination of Peas, Sorghum, and Lab Lab Seeds for $45.14/20LB Bag. Pogue Seed Bird Buffet Spring Blend has a combination of Millet, Sesame, Wheat, and Cream Milo Seeds for $47.58/20LB Bag.

What is Coming up in our Area?

  • March 13, 2024 – Conservation Planning Meeting = Pecan Valley Conservation District – 1009 N. Esplanade= Cuero, TX
    Meeting to be held following the SWCD Board of Directors Meeting. They are looking for input to determine local natural resource priorities. Come be a part of the process to help manage the natural resources of our community. For more information, please contact the NRCS office at 361-275-5293 X 3
    Reporting is due by this date to avoid penalties. For more information, contact Stephanie Parker 361-275-5751 EXT 2
  • March 17, 2024 – Lindenau Rifle Club Annual Chicken BBQ Lindenau, TX 
    11am – 1 pm. Presale Tickets Only $13.00/Each.
    Includes 1/2 BBQ Chicken, German Potatoes, Stuffed Cabbage, Pinto Beans. Tickets can be purchased at Security Storage at 115 E. S. Railroad Street, at the DeWitt County Co-op, and at Anders Auto, or from any Lindeneau Rifle Club Member.
  • March 26, 2024 -7:30 AM – DeWitt County Soil & Water Conservation District –CEU Event = DeWitt County Veterans Center = 901 Hwy 72 E Yorktown, TX= This CEU event is $30.00 and provides 6 CEU hours and certification in drift minimization, laws and regulations, general information, and integrated pest management. A steak lunch is also included at the event. Please RSVP or register to Velinda Geffert 361-935-6848 or email [email protected]

Manager’s Words
We are geared up and ready for the spring and summer. Our trucks are out applying fertilizer and starting to weed spray. I have made a few farm visits to give information and suggestions. If I can get out to help you, please let me know.

Thank you for your business,

Willis Braden
[email protected]

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