May 2023 Newsletter

In Our Store

  • We have a new smiling face helping customers in the store. Brianna Rios came to us from another feed store in the area and seems willing and ready to help each of you. Stop in the store to meet her and put her to the test!!
  • There is still a need to complete the Texas Parks and Wildlife surveys for Feral Pigs in DeWitt County. They are looking for feedback from landowners about the population and damages that pigs are creating on your properties. We are going to sweeten the deal for you this month. FOR EACH PERSON WHO COMPLETES THE SURVEY, YOU WILL BE ENTERED INTO A SPECIAL DRAWING TO WIN 5 FREE BAGS OF CORN. Complete the paper survey in the store or copy us on the emailed survey [email protected] to be entered in the drawing.  
  • The DeWitt County Crops Tour is coming up. This annual event will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. The event provides updates on chemicals, farming changes, and new farming strategies. The event starts at 3:00PM at Gruenau Hall and will provide a BBQ Meal at the end of the tour. The event will provide 3 CEU credits for license holders. Please RSVP with the DeWitt County Extension Office at 361-275-0816.

In the Yard

  • The weeds are coming on full strength after all this rain. If you have weeds coming up in your yard, consider using 2-4-D $12.95/Qt at the rate of 2oz/Gallon of water, Fertilome Weed Free Zone $47.90/Qt at the rate of 2 oz/Gallon of water, or Bayer Lawn Weed Killer RTU $12.85/RTU Qt. 
  • We are in a good window to make an application of a pre-emergent herbicide on your yard. Barricade ($27.15/50LB Bag) use 3#/1000 SQ FT, Dimension ($34.90/35LB Bag) use 3.5#/1000 SQ FT to combat broadleaf and grassy weeds, and Balan ($37.40/40LB Bag) use 1.5#/ 1000 SQ FT to combat grassy weeds.
  • We still have a healthy supply of garden plants from Bonnie Plants available $4.05/Each.

In the Pasture

  • Now is the time to pay attention to Dewberry Vines if you want to kill them. We should treat Dewberry Vines after the fruit drop with Chaparral Herbicide 6.6 OZ/100 Gallons of water, plus surfactant for spot spray. If you choose to make a broadleaf application, still use the Chaparral Herbicide at 3.3 OZ/Acre, plus surfactant. You can add 1 Quart of Tordon per acre if you have a license to increase the activity. 
  • We are making applications between the rain for fertilizer and weed spray. If you are on our list, we have not forgotten about you. Please be patient with us and we will get there. The rain is welcomed and we will do our best to get it done. 

In the Animal Pen

  • The wet conditions have created a watch out for all cattle producers. If you have standing water or muddy areas, consider using TM+4 mineral blocks $9.35/Each to help prevent hoof rot. This block with additional iodine is designed to improve your cattle health.  
  • This month we are taking $2.00/Bag off the Wind & Rain Red Mineral. This industry leading mineral is designed to provide the best nutrition to your cattle for breeding and overall health.

This month we are showcasing some Purina Horse Feeds for all the horse lovers. 

  • Impact Professional Performance Horse Feed has high quality proteins with controlled starches and sugars, along with the Outlast Supplement for proper Gastric PH balance. This month we will take off $2.00/Bag.
  • Strategy Healthy Edge Horse Feed is designed to help horses look amazing, feel great and perform at their best. If you use your horses for performance or recreation this is a good feed to try. This low-calorie feed can help maintain their body condition. This month we will take off $2.00/Bag.

In the Great Outdoors

  • Our deer are in the critical time of proper nutrition for antler development and body condition. If you have always wanted to start a protein supplement program, now is the time. We have a good selection of Protein Feeders and plenty of Antlermax 20% Deer Protein to meet your needs. Stop in the store and get what you need. 

What is coming up in our area?

-May 14, 2023 – MOTHER’S DAY= Do not forget to thank the MOMS in our lives for all they do!

-May 18, 2023 – Postive Feed Customer Appreciation Event = DeWitt County Producers = Event will be held at the store from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. Hamburgers will be available.

-May 29, 2023 – 11:00 AM = DeWitt County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day Ceremony = DeWitt County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Site–Yorktown, TX. Ceremony is followed by a drawing for the gun raffle. 

-May 29, 2023 – CLOSED IN OBSERVANCE OF MEMORIAL DAY. We will reopen on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 7:30 AM. 

-June 13, 2023 – 3:00 PM – DeWitt County Crops Tour = Gruenau Hall, Gruenau, TX = This annual event is providing 3 CEU’s for license holders and a BBQ meal for $5.00/Person. If you have any questions, please contact Anthony Netardus at 361-275-0816.

Manager’s Words

The rain has put everyone in a good mood. Things continue to move around here at a fast pace. We are busy putting out fertilizer and weed spray. We are thankful for each customer who has entrusted us to help them produce the best results for their pastures and hayfields. If you still need us to look at your place, let us know.

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