May 2024 Newsletter

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May 2024 Newsletter

In Our Store

  • It is the time of year when we start seeing Stinging Wasp on branches and corners of buildings. Bengal Foam Wasp Spray is designed to reach up to 25 feet. This month we will have them on sale for $3.00/Can. 
  • In addition to the stinging wasp, we will start to see more bugs in and around our homes. If you catch yourself throwing up your hands wondering what to use, consider Demon W/P Water Soluble Packets. These easy-to-use packets are designed to provide the right amount of insecticide consistently and are ready to go in minutes. This product is great for scorpions, ants, spiders, roaches, and many other labeled pests. Stop in and grab a few packages at $8.55/Each.
  • We know all of you LOVE your furry companions. To make that bond a little stronger, we are discounting all Red Flannel Dog and Cat Foods at $4.00/Bag for the entire month. 

In the Yard

  • We still have a good supply of yard fertilizers on hand to perk up your yard.
    • 13-13-13 Bag Fertilizer (50LB) = $21.60/Each
    • 15-5-10 Bag Fertilizer (40LB) = $19.30/Each
    • 21-0-0 Bag Fertilizer (50LB) = $19.20/Each
    • 21-7-14 Bag Fertilizer (40LB) = $30.70/Each
  • Water Hoses will be an important part of keeping your lawn looking good. Here are a few options that we have available.
    • 5/8” x 100 FT = $65.55/Each
    • 5/8” x 75FT = $51.80/Each
    • 5/8” x 50FT = $36.70/Each

In the Pasture

  • Many of you have stepped outside your comfort zone and purchased some of the Grazon PD3 herbicide. If you are still interested, we will continue last month’s sale for the month of May. Pricing on the Grazon PD3 Herbicide is $126.88/Jug ($5.00 Discount). Here are it’s features again:
    • Low Use Rate (20oz/Acre)
    • Low Volatility & Odor
    • Proven Active ingredients (2-4-D Choline & Picloram)
    • Safe for Established Grasses – No grazing restrictions for general livestock
  • Later this month, we recommend that the rate on some of the broadleaf chemicals:
    • 20 oz Duracor = $27.62/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
    • 1 quart Grazon Next = $24.97/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
    • 1 quart Grazon P+D = $19.80/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
    • 1 quart 2-4-D = $15.33/Acre (Includes Application & Surfactant)
  • As the price of chemicals changes, so will these prices. Call and get on our list if you would like us to make the application for you.

In the Animal Pen

  • Starting May 1st, we went back on contract with Purina for many of our popular feeds. You should see new pricing on Purina Cubes, DeWitt Cubes, Calling Cubes, 14% Creep Pellets and Beef Builder Ranch Hand Sweet when we receive new inventory.
  • This month we will discount Equine Senior and Equine Senior Active Horse Feed by $3.00/Bag. Stop in and give these feeds a try.
  • As we begin to approach our dry time of year, it is a good time to make sure you have loose mineral available for your cattle. One that we have highlighted before is Gulf Coast Mineral. This mineral is designed for our climate and is free of sulfates to make it more palatable to cattle. If you have not tried this mineral, give it a shot. This month we will take off $5.00/Bag.

What is Coming up in our Area?

  • May 12, 2024 – MOTHER’S DAY= Do not forget to thank the MOMS in our lives for all they do!
  • May 15, 2024 – Reporting planting dates for Corn, Cotton, Beans, and Sorghum for USDA Farm Service Agency. Reporting is due by this date to avoid penalties. For more information, contact Stephanie Parker 361-275-5751 EXT 2.
  • May 19, 2024 – 11:00 AM -1:00 PM – St. Michael’s Catholic Church Festival = Cuero, TX= Roast Beef plates to go or dine-in, plus a live auction and much more. For more information, call 361-275-3554.
  • May 27, 2024 – 10:30 AM = DeWitt CountyVietnam Veterans Memorial Day Ceremony = DeWitt County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Site–Yorktown, TX. Ceremony is followed by a drawing for the gun raffle. 
  • May 27, 2024 – CLOSED IN OBSERVANCE OF MEMORIAL DAY. We will reopen on Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 7:30 AM. 
  • June 11, 2024 – 3:00 PM – DeWitt County Crops Tour = Gruenau Hall, Gruenau, TX = This annual event is providing 3 CEU’s for license holders and a BBQ meal for $5.00/Person. If you have any questions, please contact Anthony Netardus at 361-275-0816.

Manager’s Words
We are getting to the critical point of needing some rain.  We are making good progress on getting fertilizer and spray applications made. The month of May is sure to bring many challenges. Please make sure to keep your cattle health and growth a priority. The sale prices can justify the added expense. 

Thank you for your business,

Willis Braden
[email protected]

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